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Jupiter for Taurus lagna owns the 11th house; for Leo lagna, it owns the 5th house; for Scorpio lagna, the 2nd and the 5th houses, and for Aquarius lagna, the 2nd and the 11th houses.

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Akhanda Samrajya yoga is caused when a strong Jupiter owning the 2nd, the 5th or the 11th house from the Lagna and simultaneously , one of the lords of the 11th, the 9th or the 2nd occupies a kendra from the Moon. A planet associates with the Lagna by occupying the Lagna or by fully aspecting the Lagna or by conjoining with the lord of the Lagna or by establishing mutual - aspect relationship with the lord of the Lagna. Vide Mansagari Ch. IV Karak yoga 6 which states that if at the time of birth Jupiter, the lord of the lagna and the dispositor of the Natal Moon conjoin in a kendra, more particularly in the 10th house, then the person becomes very fortunate and avails all good things in life, with this situation arising for Scorpio lagna occupied by a strong Moon and Mars and Jupiter situated together in the 10th in Leo sign there will rise a powerful Akhanda Samrajya yoga as defined above, and Bhagya yoga as well.

LEO Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

Occurring in its purest form, and with the yoga-causing planets remaining unafflicted and vested with maximum Shadbala , Akhanda Samrajya yoga gives the results of a very powerful Raja yoga; planets vested with moderate strength and causing this yoga will only make one wealthy, prosperous, hold a high rank or position or be politically powerful.

The Natal Moon participating in the formation of these three yogas was not strong and was heavily afflicted owing to the adverse mutual exchange of signs between the lord of the Ascendant and the lord of the 6th house with neither a benefic planet nor the lord of the Ascendant aspecting the Ascendant occupied by the Moon.

The evil Dainya yoga caused by mutual exchange of signs by Saturn and the Moon destroyed all good yogas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Raja Rao. Varanasi: Savitri Thakur Prakashan. Deva Keralam: Chandrakala nadi. New Delhi: Sagar Publications. Astrology revealed by the Ramayana Astronomy. Firma Klm. Bangalore: Raman Publications. Planets And Their Yoga Formations. Forgot Username? The diseases of Leo mainly involve the heart, most seriously occlusion of cardiac arteries by blood clot or occlusion bringing on a heart attack. Nervous tension can affect the heart with palpitations and the like.

The ailments related to Leo are pain in the back and lungs, spinal complaints, diseases of the heart and blood, sickness in ribs and sides, convulsions, pleasantries, violent burning fevers including, and some trouble of the eyes. People fall under this zodiac sign are the owner of dynamic and attractive personality. A typical Leo is ambitious, courageous, strong willed, positive, independent and self-confident.

They are straightforward and uncomplicated individual who know very well what they want and pursue it with complete enthusiasm and a creative spirit. Usually they are temperamental, sometimes blunt and nasty when affronted are deeply hurt by malice or aggression.

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Too sensitive to personal criticism and when their governance is threatened, they can go into a sudden anger. They are stubborn and will hold onto a belief or stick to a course of action through thick or thin.

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Possess idealistic and humane nature. Basically Leos are outgoing, happy, kind and generous, self-expressive, intelligent and broad minded. They have a fixed determination but will get unjustifiably into a bad temper at the slightest provocation but the anger can be quickly pacified. They may hold a grudge for long and are an independent thinker.

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They stick to orthodox principles in religion but are preferably tolerant towards other's precepts and practices. Leo ascendants are the owner of charismatic personality they often cast majestic and magnetic impression on people.

But in terms of structure they are not as blessed as their persona they usually have average height with perfectly carved upper body. Leo possesses large oval shaped face with yellowish tinge eyes with a prominent chin.

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Male and female leo may appear controlled, but are easily moved and belligerent. Quick responsiveness and aggressiveness is common, as is vigour and passion. The ascendant house is considered very important in Vedic astrology. During the birth of a person, the sign which rises in the sky is called the persons ascendant and the sign which comes in this house is called the ascendant sign. The ascendant helps in calculating minutest event in a person's life through astrology. Whereas, the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly predictions are made on the basis of moon sign and sun sign.

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